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FORTRAN, the name derived from "Formula Translation.


Is it imperative?

Fortran program

Classical Hello World example is:

program helloworld
     print *, "Hello world!"
end program helloworld

Compile your first Fortran PROGRAM

gfortran myfile.f90

gfortran myfile.f90 -o program.exe

if you need to run your on a machine which gfortran is not installed

gfortran -static myfile.f -o program.exe

Fortran Standards

Fortran standards are determined by J3 committee. You can reach reports on their websites. Those reports can be considered most inclusive Fortran textbooks as well.

Fortran Best Practices


Please revisit this page and original one frequently during the coarse, as well as in your future developer adventure.

Style Guide

Often it is argued that a good needs style guide. It is rather large issue to cover us here. On the other hand, today there are still many holes in styling. So let's leave those subjective points.

There is no absolute style guide, so please do not spent your energy mutate your code. However, never neglect to satisfy following points:

  • Readable
  • Reproducable
  • Reasonable

code. We will be constantly discussing to fulfill points in given at the list above during this coarse.

I also would like to add extra thoughts, from the talk of Raymond Hettinger (even though it has Python script on hand as example).


This notes written in a way to be super short, as there are many comprehensive books and online lectures. My notes has rough edges, extreme shortcuts, and so forth. So this is why, important links are gathered in this section. Some of these sources will be followed at the different parts of the lectures. Please my short note for each document which explicitly leads you to what with those many information.

# Title Note
1 Dr. Shene's Fortran 90 Tutorial Must read, with details
2 Fortran Wiki Various tutorials, very detailed FAQ and discussion on specific topics
3 Fortran90 1.0 documentation Has good advices, practical
4 Mistakes in Fortran 90 Programs That Might Surprise You Great collection of common bugs
5 Fortran90 for Fortran77 Programmers Dr. Clive Page's great notes
5 European Standards For Writing and Documenting Exchangeable Fortran 90 Code Yet another standards for your *.f90


This notes will be using F90 standarts unless otherwise specified. Fortran 2003 and 2008 enhancments will be covered time as the need arises with or without mentioning it's standards specificly as the compilers are managing user's code at the background.