This page is dedicated to gather information about my teaching activities. Please contact me if any of those links are dead. This is the content of my super blog post. My notes for the lectures, workshops, etc.

Introduction to the Linux

Click here to reach the small document that I prepared for 2 hours workshop, "Introduction to the Linux System". Originally I give this talk to the International Master on Turbulence students at 2015.

Fortran Tutorials

Following links will take you my lecture notes for the "FORTRAN for Turbulence" coarse, part of International Master on Turbulence. Please contact me if you have any question and/or contribution.

How to Use Spectral Analysis Tools (a.k.a FFT) in Turbulence Research

Ipython notebooks given below is collection of few different talks, I have been given the chance to make about usage of fast fouirier analysis tools. Even though those analysis done by easily, aim of those documents initiate short and collective guide for whom is interested to use tools like any kind of FFT tool such as FFTW, FFTS, while particularly not loosing physical meaning of scalar quantities. I am greatful to William K. George and J-P Laval for their patience, help and guidance.